Privacy Notice for Clients

SCANDAGRA takes care of your personal data protection and privacy. In order to ensure legal, fair and transparent processing of your personal data, SCANDAGRA aims to help you understand how personal data are processed and what related data protection rights you have.
In particular, this Privacy Notice for Clients describes how personal data are processed of potential, existing clients and (or) other partners who intend to use or used the products and (or) services provided by SCANDAGRA.

Contact details of SCANDAGRA

UAB „Scandagra Management Services“
Code 304481356
Correspondence address – Ukmergės str. 283, Vilnius, LT-06313
Phone +370 694 54 019
E-mail: [email protected]

Scope and purposes of data processing

Client relationship management, including marketing products and (or) services:
name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail.
Concluding and properly executing product and (or) service contracts:
name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail, personal code, copy of personal document, copy of farmer’s certificate, VAT code, if the person is VAT payer, payment account number and bank name and code, information concerning the farm (crop areas, copies of land ownership documents, copies of crop declarations), contact details of the accountant (if submitted), creditworthiness rate.

Lawfulness of data processing

Personal data are processed based on the following:

  • in order to conclude and (or) execute the contract;
  • on the basis of consent;
  • on the basis of legitimate interest of SCANDAGRA (maintenance of relationships, fraud prevention).

Disclosure of personal data

In accordance with the requirements of the laws, personal data may be disclosed to the following categories of data recipients:

  • providers of data centres and cloud services;
  • software providers and software maintenance personnel;
  • debt collection agencies;
  • competent state authorities.

Storage term of personal data

Personal data processed for the purpose of client relationship management, including marketing – 3 years after the end of the relationship.
Personal data processed for the purpose of concluding and properly executing product and (or) service contracts – 10 years after the end of the relationship.
In all cases, personal data are stored for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

Rights of the data subject

You, as a data subject, have the following rights:

  • right to access personal data processed by us;
  • right to rectification;
  • right to erasure;
  • right to restriction of processing;
  • right to data portability;
  • right to object processing;
  • right to lodge a complaint to State Data Protection Inspectorate.



This Privacy Notice for Applicants (hereinafter – the Notice) provides you with detailed information regarding the processing of personal data of applicants carried out by SCANDAGRA (hereinafter – the Company, or we), the nature of personal data processed, the purpose your data is processed, received and transferred and the period it is stored. The Notice also provides information what rights you have and how you can implement your rights.

We ask you to provide only relevant and valid information and not to disclose any data that is considered as sensitive data (e.g. data pertaining to your health status or political opinions) and other data that is not necessary for the assessment for the position.

The information provided is important so we hope you will read it carefully.

1. What data and for what purposes do we process?

During the recruitment process and the assessment of your application we process the following data:

  • contact and identification details – name, surname, address, telephone and e-mail address.
  • evidence of formal qualification – education institution, date, education and (or) qualifications acquired, information on further training (completed training, certificates obtained), information on language proficiency, information technology (IT) and other competences, other information provided in education supporting documents, CV, cover letter and (or) other application documents.
  • work experience data – former employment, period of employment, position, responsibilities and (or) achievements, other information provided in CV, cover letter and (or) other application documents.
  • recommendations and employer feedbacks – contact details of the person who provided recommendation, his/her contact details, content provided in recommendations or feedback.
  • assessment data – a summary of the interview, insight and opinion of the person(s) carrying out the selection, testing results.
  • special categories of personal data – data concerning health, other special categories of personal data, if there is a specific legal requirement to comply with such requirements set out in the legal acts.

2. On what legitimate basis do we handle your data?

We process your data on the basis of your consent, i.e. consent to process data provided in your CV, cover letter and (or) other application documents is presumed to have been obtained when you submit your CV, cover letter and (or) other application documents.

If we receive information about your application from employment agencies, job search websites, career social networking sites and (or) from other job selection and (or) mediation service providers, we presume that you have received all the necessary information about the processing of your data and have given your consent to process your data, which also includes the right to transfer your data to us.

We will collect your personal data from other sources only with your separate consent. For example, we will check the recommendations provided by you or will contact your employer for the feedback only if you give us consent to address the employer and (or) other person you referred to and receive the feedback about you.

If you have been invited to further selection stages (e.g. job interview) but after the assessment we have not chosen your application for the specific position, we will process your personal data on the ground of our legitimate interest – analysis and administration of the selection. In all cases, after the storage period we will destroy your personal data.

3. From what sources do we collect your personal data?

We receive your personal data directly from you – when you respond to our job ad, submit your CV and other application documents.

Information about your application and documents may also be obtained from job search, selection and (or) mediation service providers. We may also receive certain information about you from third parties, e. g. personal recommendations, current or former employers.

4. How long do we keep your data?

In case your application has not been selected for further selection stages, we will retain your data for no more than 1 year after the end of selection to the position you have chosen. In case you were invited to further selection stage (e. g. participated in job interview) or expressed your consent that your data would be retained for future vacancies, we store your data for no more than 3 years after the end of selection to the position you have chosen or the consent was given.

After expiration of processing and processing storage period of your data, we will destroy or irrecoverably anonymise your personal data.

5. In what cases and to what third parties do we disclose your data?

We may transfer your data for processing to the following third parties:

  • who assist us to carry out selection of applicants or providing us with services related to selection, assessment of applicants. Such parties may be providers of personnel selection and (or) assessment.
  • who assist us to carry out internal administration. Such parties may be database software vendors, database administrators, providers of data centres, hosting and cloud services.
  • corporate group companies (including Scandagra Management Services UAB, as well as other companies listed on the website, which in accordance with the procedures in our group of companies are involved in the processes assessment and (or) career decision-making processes for senior management positions.
  • competent authorities or law enforcement bodies, e. g. police, law-enforcement authorities or supervisory authorities, but only upon request and only when required by applicable law or under provisions laid down by legal acts.

In each case we provide only as much data as is necessary for the execution of a particular order or for the provision of a specific service. Data processors what we engage may process your personal data only on instructions from us and can not use them for other purposes or transfer to other parties without having our consent. In addition, they must ensure security of your data in accordance with applicable legal acts and written agreements with us.

6. In what territories and jurisdictions do we process your personal data?

We process your personal data in the territory of the European Union. We do not currently intend to engage the controllers or recipients who resides in third countries.

7. Your rights

You have the following rights:

  • the right to access your data processed by us: you have the right to obtain the confirmation that we process your data, the right to access your personal data processed by us and information on the purposes of the processing, the categories of the data processed, the categories of data recipients, the period for which the data is processed, and sources from which the data is obtained.
  • the right to rectify personal data: If the data submitted to us in your application documents has changed or you consider our information about you to be inaccurate or incorrect, you have the right to request this information to be amended, revised or rectified.
  • the right to withdraw consent: You are free to object to further processing of your data in the applicants database after the selection is completed, also you may withdraw your consent at any time and request removal of your data. The withdrawal of your consent will not impede your participation in other selections.
  • the right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’): In certain circumstances specified in the data processing legislation (when the processing of personal data is illegal, the basis for the processing has disappeared etc.), you have the right to request the erasure of your personal data.
  • the right to restrict processing: In certain circumstances specified in the data processing legislation (when the processing of personal data is illegal, you challenge the accuracy of the data, you express an objection to the processing on the basis of our legitimate interest etc.), you have the right to restrict the processing of your data.
  • the right to data portability: you have the right to transfer the data that we process using automated tools to another data controller. We will provide you with the data you wish to transfer in the format usually used in our systems and in machine-readable form, and upon your request and if technically feasible, we will transfer the data directly to the data controller you specified.
  • the right to lodge a complaint: If you consider that our processing of your data infringes the requirements of data processing legislation, we always ask you in particular to contact us directly. If you are not satisfied with the problem solution proposed by us or you think that we have not taken action necessary as you requested, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – State Data Protection Inspectorate.

8. Procedure for the processing of applications

For the questions concerning the processing of personal data of applicants, please contact:

UAB „Scandagra Management Services“
Code 304481356
Correspondence address – Ukmergės str. 283, Vilnius, LT-06313
E-mail [email protected]

In order to protect the data of applicants against unauthorized disclosure, we will be required to identify you upon the receipt of your request to exercise your rights. For that purpose, we may ask you to provide your identity document.

Upon receipt of your request to exercise any of your rights and after your identification, we undertake to provide you the information immediately, no later than one month from the receipt of your request, with the information about the actions that we have taken in response to your request.

Taking into account the number of requests, we have the right to extend the period for two additional months, informing you about it and indicating the reasons for such extension.

If your request is submitted electronically, we will also provide you with the answer by electronic means, except where it is impossible (e.g. extremely high volume of information) or if you ask to respond you in another way.