About us

About us

Scandagra Group

The holding company Scandagra Group was established in 2006, with the ambition to better utilize and create synergies, know-how, and competencies across both geographical, and ownership scopes in the Baltic region. Through joint procurement and sales of agricultural production input and output, the objective is for each subsidiary to grow in competitiveness in its domestic market.

Founded by the leading agriculture cooperatives DLG (Denmark), and Lantmannen (Sweden), Scandagra Group initially set off as a grain purchaser and wholesaler of seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products. Within just a few years, with the support of Scandinavian know-how and experience, the corporation grew into an international market leader. Today Scandagra Group is a key provider of complex agricultural solutions in all three Baltic States, and continues to grow.

With its five daughter companies – Scandagra Lietuva, Scandagra Latvia, Scandagra Eesti, BTC, Rezeknes Dzirnavnieks, the corporation is a trustable partner to both successful large scale, and novice farmers alike. From purchasing, warehousing, drying and cleaning of both conventional and organic grain, to fertilizer packaging and consulting services, Scandagra Group offers a broad spectrum of services.



  • EUR 4M investment into infrastructure
  • Acquisition of Napi elevator, Estonia
  • Rebranding
  • Start of grain export from Riga Port
  • EUR 5.5M investment into Agrogimas elevator, Lithuania
  • Latvian head office in Riga
  • Capitalization of subsidiaries 
  • 1M tons turnover reached
  • Group restructuration
  • Minority shareholder buy-out
  • Combined chemical purchases
  • New financing from Swedbank
  • Strategy approved
  • New Board structure
  • New management in Scandagra Group and subsidiaries
  • Launch of grain trade in large vessels